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Why You Should Always Have the Used Car You are Considering Evaluated by an ASE-Certified Mechanic05.23.2011 | Okan Sengullu

There is no way of knowing how frequently the previous owner of a used car had maintenance performed. A certified mechanic can evaluate the used car you are considering before you buy it, eliminating the risk of buying an inferior product. Here are the reasons a used car you’re considering buying should be evaluated by a certified mechanic.


A certified mechanic should be trusted with the evaluation because they have proven their work experience and knowledge throughout the ASE-certification process. This provides peace of mind that your mechanic not only knows about cars, but has years of hands-on experience. The certification test is a comprehensive, challenging examination of mechanical knowledge, and certification is proof of expertise.

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Cars will run a long time when they are properly maintained and receive regular maintenance. When evaluating the car’s maintenance history, a mechanic will look at the fluids. For example, if a transmission has been flushed when it should, then the fluid will have a certain color. The same goes for the oil and power steering. A trained mechanic will also run a full diagnostic on the car.


An auto mechanic is able to assess the overall condition of the vehicle by inspecting the belts, the operation, the sounds of the vehicle, and perform a computerized diagnostic test. This testing allows your mechanic to determine how well the vehicle runs and what you can expect from the vehicle in the future.

At Bucaro Brothers Auto Care of Chicago, we encourage you to bring by any used car that you are considering so that our ASE-certified auto mechanics can inspect it. If the seller doesn’t want you to have it checked out, you don’t want to buy it. For more information, call (773) 570-4541 or visit our website.

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