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How to Keep Your Car Battery Performing at its Best08.8.2011 | Okan Sengullu

By taking care of your car battery, you can make sure that you don’t find yourself stranded in a parking lot miles away from home, and you don’t have to pay an extra visit to your local car repair mechanic. Here are a few tips for keeping your car battery performing at its best.

  • Park in a garage. An insulated garage can keep your car battery warm in the winter, and can prevent heat damage in the summer.
  • Keep your car battery clean. Make sure to clean away any grease or dirt, because a dirty battery will weaken the charge, and will cause the battery to die more quickly.
  • Insulate your car battery. Insulating your battery is a cheap way to protect the battery if you can’t park in an insulated garage.
  • Recharge your battery with solar energy. A solar charger can refill your battery, but you should make sure to also use a monitor so you don’t end up overcharging the battery.
  • Add distilled water. This only works for certain types of car batteries, so check your particular battery’s documentation first. Some car batteries need to be regularly filled with water. Make sure not to overfill the water level, or the mixture may leak.
  • Secure the battery. A loose battery can tip over, or it can hit other parts of your engine, which may cause battery acid to spill and corrode your car. You can make sure that the battery is sitting correctly by keeping the battery tray clean.

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