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Automatic vs. Manual Transmissions: What are the Differences?09.1.2011 | Okan Sengullu

When buying a new car, one big decision you will generally make is whether to choose the manual or automatic version of the vehicle. There are benefits and disadvantages to each choice, and it comes down to deciding which one is the best fit for you. The differences between automatic and manual transmissions range from price to performance. Here is a brief comparison of transmission styles:

Purchase Price

Manual transmissions are slightly less complicated than automatic gearboxes, and are therefore less expensive to manufacture. This means that cars with automatic transmissions will be more expensive than manual vehicles, generally by about $1,000.

Operational Cost

Due to the complicated structure of an automatic gearbox, it is more difficult and expensive to repair. It will often require fluid replacement more often, and be more prone to overheating. That being said, cars with automatic transmissions are generally more fuel efficient than manual transmissions, although this depends on your driving style.

Ease of Use

It is commonly accepted that automatic transmissions are easier to operate, although veteran drivers of manual vehicles will generally say that there is nothing difficult about driving their cars. An automatic car requires no manipulating of a shifter on the road, and no left foot coordination. It does, however, require constant brake pressure at stop lights.

Degree of Control

One of the main arguments for manual transmissions is the degree of control offered over the power and acceleration of a vehicle. With a manual transmission, you control every gear change on your own, which can lead to better acceleration and performance.

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