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Steps You Can Take to Prolong Your Car’s Brake Life – from Bucaro Brothers Auto Care!11.28.2011 | Okan Sengullu

Without well-functioning brakes, a car is unfit to drive, which makes taking good care of brakes a necessity. Let’s take a closer look at the steps you can take to prolong the life of your car’s brakes.

Avoid Panic Stop Scenarios

Slamming on your brakes and putting unnecessary strain on the brake pads reduces the lifespan of your brakes. When the brakes have to convert a large amount of force from the cars momentum into heat, the brake pads wear thin. Pay close attention to the cars in front of you and always keep a safe distance between cars to avoid these scenarios.

Avoid Riding the Brakes

Drivers who engage the brake and accelerator at the same time are said to be “riding the brakes.” This is detrimental to the brake pads because of the unnecessary amount of force put on the friction material. Once the friction material of a brake pad overheats and crystalizes, it becomes smooth and therefore less effective at slowing the car when the calipers apply to the disc. If you want to prolong the life of your brakes, then don’t engage them heavily or when the accelerator is engaged simultaneously.

Use Lower Gears When Descending Hills

Downshifting isn’t recommended for every scenario because of the strain it can exert on the clutch and transmission of a vehicle, however, it is appropriate for descending hills. Since the car will already be in gear, this will hold the wheels at a set speed and help you avoid sitting on your brakes. Staying in a low gear can also give you more control when traveling on unsure terrain.

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