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Common Problems that Can Affect Cars in the Cold01.23.2012 | Okan Sengullu

A daily commute through sleet and snow puts strain on your vehicle. Addressing potential problems early can help prevent the manifestation of debilitating symptoms. With the right preventative maintenance, you can keep your car winter-safe and avoid these automotive issues.

  • Battery Failure: Starter problems during winter can often be attributed to cold weather affecting the battery. Low temperatures cause the chemical reactions within car batteries to become sluggish. The result is less power for your vehicle. Over time, this can hamper your car’s ability to start up. Furthermore, wintertime increases your car’s daily demand on its battery. Increased headlight and car heater use draw massive amounts of power from your battery. Combining these needs with chemical slowdown may lead to a complete power cell failure.
  • Tire Issues: Cold weather is also a culprit in numerous tire problems. The chill of winter causes gas molecules within your tire to move less quickly. This decreased kinetic energy results in lower tire pressure for your vehicle. Underinflated tires produce uneven tire tread, loss of grip, and reduced fuel economy. Car owners should consider replacing previously warn tires with winter-specific high performance tires.
  • Other Components: A myriad of internal components see performance drops during the winter. Windshield wipers, alternator belts, and internal tubing can become brittle through long-term exposure to low temperatures. Brittleness leads to breakage, which in turn leads to repairs and on- accidents. Performing regular maintenance helps your car overcome the threat of a frigid roadside breakdown. Likewise, a full-service car checkup prior to or during winter ensures that your internal systems are capable to survive cold weather conditions.

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