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Tips for Ensuring Your Car is Getting the Best Gas Mileage Possible03.30.2012 | Okan Sengullu

Believe it or not, improving the fuel efficiency of your car is easy. With just a few adjustments in driving and auto maintenance habits, you will be able to experience better fuel economy in no time. Follow these tips to start saving money by enhancing your car’s fuel economy.

Routine Maintenance

Replacing the air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs on a regular basis is an inexpensive way to ensure that your engine operates at optimum efficiency. Engine oil changes and fluid flushes are also essential to keeping your engine strong, at the proper temperature, and well lubricated.

Tire Pressure

Keep an eye on your car’s tire pressure and be sure that it matches the factory-recommended PSI found in your car’s owner’s manual. You can either buy a digital tire gauge and a power tire pump and take care of this yourself, or stop by an auto shop. Either way, you should check the tire pressure of your car’s tires on a monthly basis.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Weight

If you keep anything inside of your car that you don’t use on a regular basis—with the exception of a car emergency kit—you’re probably better off taking it out of the car for the sake of fuel mileage. If you’re lugging around textbooks, golf clubs, clothes, or anything else that you could just as easily put inside of your house or apartment, it’s a good idea to take them out of your car so that you can improve the efficiency of your car’s engine.

Drive Efficiently

Avoid excessive accelerating and braking and you will enjoy better fuel economy. If you have a tendency to speed, try using your car’s cruise control. It’s also important to avoid idling. Keeping your car’s engine running when you’re stopped burns a lot more fuel than just turning your engine off and restarting it later.

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