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Bucaro Brothers Auto Care Review on Yelp!09.17.2012 | Okan Sengullu

I’ve had two great experiences at Bucaro’s and can’t say enough about their integrity and service.  The first time the engine was hesitating slightly and they replaced the spark plugs and did some other work they thought would help.  When that didn’t fix the issue they apologized that I had to come back and they ripped that engine apart looking for the cause. Turned out it was a very subtle accumulation of carbon in one of the deepest recesses of the engine.  The repair that ultimately fixed the issue was at least 3x the cost of the original repair just in terms of the labor they spent on it, but they refused to take another cent beyond what I had already paid just for the sparkplugs.

The second time I had symptoms (antifreeze overflowing under high pressure, car overheating) that would indicate a blown head gasket (yes, this car has over 200k miles!) and they prepared me for the possibility of a $1500 repair but stated they wanted to check some other things to make sure.  After spending several hours testing it cold, then warm and taking it out on the highway, they concluded it was just a worn radiator cap that wouldn’t hold a seal.  They replaced the cap, filled up the antifreeze and gave the car back to me without even charging me for the cap or antifreeze.  I wanted to at least pay them something, but they refused.

We’ve also had a number of other repairs done at the shop that were simply done right and the charges seemed reasonable, but I wanted to highlight these two instances where they really went above and beyond. It’s really very nice to have a shop you can trust.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Yelp at 2/15/12

Reviewed by Matt T.

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