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5 Noises You Shouldn’t Be Hearing from Your Car11.21.2012 | Okan Sengullu

Though cars are never completely silent, certain noises are symptoms of serious problems. Repairs should always be left to an experienced auto mechanic, but you can often tell when something is wrong with your car just by listening to it. Here are some common car noises and the problems that might be causing them:

High-Pitched Whine Under the Hood

The most common culprit for squealing noises coming from your engine is the serpentine belt, which powers several of your car’s systems, including air conditioning and steering. Immediately take your car to a mechanic to replace the belt if you hear this noise, because if the belt breaks your engine can overheat and be seriously damaged.

Rumbles Under the Body

A low rumbling or rattling under your vehicle can mean that your exhaust system is damaged. On newer vehicles, high speed bumps can dent your exhaust pipe or muffler. If your car is older, these metal parts might be rusted through. Repair your exhaust system to reduce noise and pollution.

Roaring Noise at High Speeds

Some noises that vary with your driving speed indicate wheel or tire problems. Make sure you rotate your tires often enough, and have your wheels and wheel bearings inspected if you hit a nasty pothole.

Squealing Brakes

When your brake pads wear down, they may begin to squeal. This is not generally a cause for immediate alarm, as manufacturers design the pads this way to warn you to replace them before the problem becomes critical.

Grinding Brakes

A sudden grinding sound when you brake can be more serious than a squealing sound. It may mean that the rotor is grinding against the brake pistons or calipers, which is a serious problem. Take your car to the mechanic immediately if you notice this sound.

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