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4 Car Problems Visual Inspections Help Catch03.15.2013 | Okan Sengullu

Car trouble can be extremely inconvenient; it can also be unsafe if it strikes on a cold winter day in Chicago. Fortunately, many car problems can be caught before they occur if you go to an auto repair shop for a visual inspection every 3,000 miles. Here are four problems that a mechanic will be able to catch with a simple inspection of your vehicle.

Fluid Leakage

If you see fluid leaking under your vehicle that is not water from the air conditioner, go to a car repair shop for an inspection of the various fluid reservoirs. The technicians will check the power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and wiper fluid to see which one is causing the leak.

Damaged Belts or Hoses

Your vehicle’s belts and hoses are very important for the proper functioning of the engine. But belts and hoses in many of today’s vehicles are liable to failing after just 50,000 miles. In many cases, a damaged belt or hose will not give you any other symptom that it is about to fail, so it’s important to have these visual inspections at a trusted car repair shop after your vehicle reaches 50,000 miles.

Old or Failing Car Battery

Most of the time it’s not possible to tell that your battery is faulty or worn out until you’re stuck with a vehicle that won’t start. A good car repair shop will always inspect the battery for corrosion and check the charge to make sure it’s capable of holding a charge and either clean it or replace it for you so that you don’t get stuck with car trouble.

Unsafe Tires

In addition to being more likely to blow out, tires with low tread will negatively affect your vehicle’s fuel economy, handling, traction, and braking performance. If your tires are low on tread, a simple visual inspection at a car repair shop can prevent a tire blowout or even a car accident.

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