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Monthly Archives: April 2022

Extending Battery Life – Car Engine Repair in Lincoln Park

04.27.2022 8:54 am | Okan Sengullu

On average, your vehicle’s battery should last between three to five years. During that time, however, it can take a beating from rush hour traffic, soaring summer temperatures, and winter deep freezes. To protect your battery and extend its lifetime to the max, here are five things you should do. 1. Make sure it’s tightly fastened to the mounting bracket. Batteries not firmly attached to the mounting bracket can vibrate and bounce around, potentially leading to internal damage to the battery and short circuits. This is especially a problem if you often drive on bumpy roads or rough terrain. Check the battery’s mounting from time to time, making sure it’s firmly secured. 2. Limit the use of electronics while idling. If you commute to and from work and often find yourself bogged down in heavy traffic, it’s a good idea to turn off some devices. Things like the radio and the air conditioning, if you can stand it. These put a heavy strain on the battery when your vehicle is merely idling. 3. Minimize the short drives. Those short hops here and there drain your battery without giving it time to recharge. So, try to keep those to a minimum…. Read more

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