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Monthly Archives: February 2023

Tips on Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance

02.15.2023 5:38 pm | Okan Sengullu

From Bucaro Brothers Auto Care – Taking Care of Your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle (EV) Let’s come right to the point: Hybrid and electric vehicles are here to stay, in large part because of rising federal MPG fuel standards. In 2016 the standard was about 35 MPG, but by 2025 it will rise to slightly over 54 MPG. Given the necessity of meeting those standards, the only choice vehicle manufacturers have is to turn out an ever increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles. Basic Maintenance Tips for Hybrids and EVs So, as we said, electric vehicles in one form or another are here to stay, and the following tips are offered by your friends at Bucaro Brothers to help keep your electrified vehicle in good running condition for years to come. Watch the Fluids Since hybrids are propelled by both electricity and an internal combustion engine (ICE), that means they have the usual assortment of under-the-hood fluids. These need to be checked regularly and include radiator coolant, brake fluid, and oil. In addition, most hybrids have transmission fluid that needs to be checked underneath the vehicle. If you don’t feel comfortable making this check, take your hybrid to your… Read more

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