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Summer Driving Tips and Auto Repair in Lincoln Park

06.24.2022 12:43 pm

Summer is officially here, and despite rising gas prices, we know many of you will be hitting the road for summer trips with your family. To make sure your trip is as pleasant and uneventful as possible, here are some tips from your friends at Bucaro Brothers Auto Care in Lincoln Park Vehicle Preparation First, of course, you want to be sure your car is in good running order. We recommend carefully checking the following yourself, or have your favorite mechanic check for you. Battery Most batteries will last between four to six years, and if yours is in that age range, you might want to consider getting a new one before hitting the road. Belts and hoses Make sure these are all in good repair and working order before you start on your trip. Fluids If you’re not a pretty good amateur mechanic yourself, have your mechanic check your coolant level, as well as your power steering, transmission, and brake fluids. These are all crucial for the safe operation of your car. Tires Check your treads using the “penny method.” Place a penny in your treads with Lincoln upside down. If the top of Abe’s head shows, you need… Read more

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The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Cooling System

10.07.2020 10:31 am

When you have a problem with your cooling system, it’s not just inconvenient, but if the problem is not addressed promptly, it can damage your vehicle’s engine. Your radiator, fan, water pump, and an assortment of hoses and connections comprise your cooling system. If any of these components fail, your engine can overheat. While most of the time you will just need to let the car cool off, refill the radiator, and head over to the mechanic, if the thermostat stops working, you can damage your engine before you realize it. Signs of Cooling System Failure One way to avoid costly repair bills is to catch any issues early before they become big problems. If you begin to notice puddles or spots on your garage floor or where your car was parked in the street, bring it in for a checkup. Your vehicle may be leaking oil, brake fluid, or coolant. In any case, you will want to have the car inspected and repaired. It’s a good idea to check your radiator fluid every month or so. If you notice your normally clear coolant is dark and thick, you may have rust or corrosion buildup. Often a radiator flush can… Read more

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Winter Car Care

01.27.2020 5:20 pm

For a reliable mechanic in Chicago, you need to come to Bucaro Brothers Auto Care, conveniently located in Lincoln Park. We all know Chicagoland winters can play havoc with your car, and here five suggestions for winter car care to keep your car running efficiently when the temperature plunges. 1) Install winter tires Yes, it’s an expense but one that’s well worth it in areas like ours where temperatures regularly hover around the freezing mark, or below. Winter tires are made to give better traction when turning or stopping on wet or icy surfaces. 2) Check your tire pressure weekly In cold weather your tires lose pressure, and driving on under-inflated tires causes them to wear prematurely, and you also lose traction on slippery winter-time surfaces. 3) Have the proper mix of coolant for your engine In warmer months you want a 50/50 mix of antifreeze (coolant) to water, but in winter you need a 60/40 mix. 4) Take care of your battery Cold temperatures put a strain on your battery, so clean off any corrosion on the battery terminals. Have your favorite mechanic in Chicago at Bucaro Brothers load-test it and replace if it’s too weak for a cold… Read more

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4 Signs Your Car Needs New Tires

12.17.2019 6:46 pm

If you’re looking for a body shop in Lakeview, it could be because bad tires have caused you to have an accident. Having a good set of tires beneath you is absolutely essential for safe driving. To help you drive safely no matter where the road takes you, here are four signs that telling you it’s time to get new tires. Worn treads Your tire tread depth should never fall below 1/16 of an inch. To check, take a penny and insert Lincoln’s head down into the tread. If Abe’s entire head is visible, you need new tires. Sidewall cracks Beyond the treads, look for cuts or cracks in the sidewalls of your tires. These can indicate a slow leak, or worse, a tire that’s about to blow out. Bulges and blisters When the outer surface of a tire starts to weaken, bulges or blisters can appear, and these weak spots can cause a tire to blow out suddenly. If you see bulges or blisters get the tire(s) replaced immediately. Vibration The cause of vehicle vibration could be bad tire alignment or balance, but it can also mean there’s a problem with the interior of the tire. At Bucaro Brothers,… Read more

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Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

11.12.2019 6:02 pm

The cold front has hit the midwest and if auto repair in Chicago, make sure you come to us before the snow really starts. Here are some tips on how to prepare your car for the winter this year. Oil Change Check your owner’s manual to find out what type of oil is necessary for your vehicle to function in the freezing and below-freezing temperatures. Engine Coolant Check Normally, your ratio of coolant to water is 50/50, but when winter comes, make sure the ratio is 60 coolant, 40 water. Car Battery Cold temperatures are notoriously known for draining a car battery quicker than usual. Make sure your battery is functioning properly by checking the charge. If you need help with battery maintenance, stop by our shop today for a professional to inspect your vehicle. Washer Fluid + Windshield Wipers You should consider using washer fluid with an antifreeze solution to help keep your windshield clean during the freezing temperatures. Windshield wipers need to be replaced every 6 – 12 months or sooner if they have a lot of wear and tear. Winter wipers will help with a harsher climate so grab a set of these before the snow begins… Read more

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