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3 Common Noises that Mean Your Car Needs a Mechanic’s Attention03.24.2012 | Okan Sengullu

If you start to hear an unusual noise coming from your car, that’s a good indication that you should get it checked out by a professional auto mechanic. Watch out for the following three common noises.

Noises During Braking

There are a variety of noises that you might hear when you apply your car’s brakes, each one of them indicating a need for you to visit a car repair shop. A squealing noise indicates that your brake pads are rubbing against the discs. If you let the problem go for too long, it can damage the discs, which is more expensive than simply replacing the pads. If you hear a sound that’s more like scraping or grinding, the discs are making direct contact with the rotors. Take it to a car repair shop to get it fixed before serious damages to your braking system are caused.

Grinding During Manual Transmission Gear Shifting

Manual transmissions, fortunately, don’t need as much maintenance as automatic transmissions. If you ever hear a grinding noise when you’re shifting gears in your manual transmission car, it’s likely that your clutch needs adjusting or replacing. It could also be a number of other transmission problems, so be sure that you visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Engine Noises

If your engine is sizzling, tapping, popping, clicking, or knocking, you might have a problem. Hissing or sizzling can mean that something is leaking, which is a problem that must be addressed right away. Knocking, tapping, or clicking can mean that the engine is being improperly maintained—in this case, you need to get your car serviced at a professional shop to make sure that your vehicle is getting what it needs.

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