We handle all your car needs in order to get it healthy and on the road again.


Doing preventative maintenance keeps your vehicle running dependably through all seasons of the year and will let it run a lot longer. Also, we all know how expensive gas has become these days, and a well-maintained car/truck will help you lower your gas bill by a lot! Just simple oil changes, tire rotation+tire pressure, and regular tune-ups will keep your car very happy and your wallet very happy as well!

We are a complete service/maintenance auto mechanic facility.

We follow manufacturer recommended service intervals.

The maintenance intervals are different from car manufacturer and vehicle model. Please call us today and our ASE certified technicians will tell you when you need to come in for your next regular maintenance.

Some of our standard maintenance services include:

Oil Change

Oil changes should be completed every 3,000 miles from the previous oil change or at the specific manufacturer’s requirements (call us and we will look this up for you). A good oil quality protects and prevents any internal damage to engine components.

Tire Rotation

To make it easy on yourself, tire rotations should be completed at the same time you do an oil change in order to lengthen your tire thread life, protect wheel alignment and give you the optimal gas mileage possible.

Transmission Fluid Service

When servicing your vehicle’s transmission make sure to always use the manufacturer’s recommended fluids.


Whether it’s an oil filter, gas filter or just a cabin filter, we can tell you when it’s time for a change.

Radiator Coolant Power Flush

Power flushes are always recommended to winterize vehicles for winter and maintain
cooling system performance. Thermostats should also be replaced in order to avoid overheating or lack of heating efficiency.


All belts should be inspected regularly to avoid unwanted noise, damage to drive pulleys/tensioner. The most important belt is the timing belt. Timing belts must follow manufactures mileage replacement to avoid any damage to the engine and pistons.

MONEY SAVING TIP: Ask your technician to check if the water pump needs replacement at the time of the timing belt replacement in order to prevent from having to do the same work again.

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