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These Guys are Great!

These guys are great! I had them do an oil change, replace a camshaft sensor, and replace the locks on my doors.They are all soooo friendly, and informative and timely. Most important, they are very reasonably priced and honest. As a female, I expect to get screwed going into any auto care place, but these guys were right on. They did an excellent job for a v ery good cost and even offered a ride for me to get to and from work. I found my new favorite mechanic

Incredibly Honest!

I had a 98 camary with a check engine light on, took it to the Toyota dealership in Evanston and they quoted $2k in repair costs. In disbelief I check yelp and took it to Bucaro Bros,who fixed it for $250 (charcoal canister). Since then I also had a busted gas lid, which they fixed for $20. They are incredibly honest, reliable, good people. I’m never going to a dealer again. These guys get it done and you will be happy. Just want to give credit where it’s deserved.
Brandon H.

Best place on the north side of Chicago

Bucaro’s is far and away the best place on the north side of Chicago to get car repairs. They are honest, friendly, reliable and quick…and most of all, affordable! I have been going here for years now and I attribute them with keeping my vintage 1992 Subaru wagon still in business! I’ve had them do everything from replacing my exhaust system, to windshield wiper motor repair, to a simple brake light/oil change, and every time it’s service with a smile, in and out. They will even drive you to the train station or bus stop to get you where you need to be after dropping off your vehicle! So nice!!

In an age where you can’t walk into Jiffy Lube, Car-X, Pep Boys or any other place without them trying to gouge you for 1,001 things you don’t need – these guys are a diamond in the rough. Gary and team will always have my business!
Libby N.

He’s the only honest reliable mechanic I’ve ever met!

Okan, owner of Buccaro Brothers is the ultimate mechanic and customer manager. I’ve known him for years when he was at the Halsted/Wrightwood Shell station and now gladly drive my (Okan-maintained) car to Ashland. He’s the only honest reliable mechanic I’ve ever met and the only true colors he’s ever shown me were bright and more than reasonable. If it’s a small fix there’s often no charge and the big fixes include a lot of work for VERY reasonable fee. High quality, no slimey excuse making, no B.S. – Okan is the only person I want to keep my old car running forever!
Steve S.

I Can’t Say Enough About Bucaro Brothers

I can’t say enough about Okan and his team at Bucaro Brothers! Being a woman, I expect the worst of auto shops and always assume I’ll be taken advantage of. I’m happy to say that is NOT the case with Bucaro Brothers.

I had AAA tow my car to their shop one afternoon when suddenly my car wouldn’t start. At first I thought it was my battery, but I had that checked and nothing was wrong. I was told by a few people that the problem was most likely the starter and I was expecting the worst – and a $700+ repair cost.

When the tow truck driver moved my car into neutral to leave it at the shop, it mysteriously started working again. Okan called to let me know it was running – but to be on the safe side, I still wanted my car checked out. Okan’s team spent the next day searching for the answer and found that everything looked ok. His team explained that sometimes the neutral safety switch shifts out of place, and when it was shifted into neutral it moved back in place.

I was thrilled to say the least and expected to pay $100 for the time spent searching for an answer … when I arrived at the shop, they didn’t charge me a dime! I thought this had to be a mistake, but Okan assured me that since they couldn’t find a problem, there was no charge. On top of that, he even personally called me the next week to make sure my car was running ok! I’ve never had that experience with an auto shop before – let alone from one that didn’t get any money from my car.

Okan and his team work hard for your business and will always make sure you’re happy. I’ve now found my permanent auto shop and recommend them to anyone!

Fast, Honest and Reasonably Priced!

Thus far we have only used Bucaro Bros. a couple times. We ended up there after driving to a few shops who couldn’t replace our battery for us because the connections were so rusted they would have broken off. When we got to Bucaro Bros. they were fast, HONEST, and very reasonably priced. We got a quote over the phone before we went and it was less than that. They quoted us for a minor repair we knew would need to be done soon, but they didn’t push us to get it done. We did go back for that repair and again, great service. They were fast and they even tightened up our brake pads for free. Love these guys, and that’s saying something since most people love their mechanics about as much as the IRS. If you are in need of a reliable mechanic, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

Wonderful staff. Honest people

Wonderful staff. Very HONEST people. It is a business in which you can trust. Very affordable repairs and oil change. Everybody is very friendly. The service is fast and efficient. They are very helpful and willing to give you ride if you need it. You don’t need to argue with them for the service. The treatment is always polite and respectful. The best place to take your car.
Monillo M.

I think I have found my new mechanic!

I think I have found my new mechanic! I have had pretty good experiences (honest but sometimes a little sloppy) with mechanics but Bucaro beats them all. When the maintenance light came on, they made a change which didn’t fix it. They then spent the next 4 days (they were down a mechanic) doing the bloodhound thing and taking apart the enginge until they finally found the culprit. Then they didn’t charge for the second fix (because the first fix didn’t solve things). That is a first–need I say that most mechanics will not do that? Very professional and friendly. I was blown out of the water.
Jennifer L.

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