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How to Keep Mice Out of Cars in Winter01.16.2024 | BBAManage

Driving in wintry Chicago poses many problems – snow, icy roads, slush, cold temperatures, etc. However, there’s another problem many people overlook: mice. Mice can nest under car hoods as temperatures drop, creating a warm little sanctuary to escape the cold. Here are some practical tips to help you keep mice out of your cars this winter.

Why Do Mice Love Cars in Winter?

Before jumping to solutions, first understand the problem. Mice like to nest inside cars to stay warm in the cold weather. Once inside, they can damage wires, spark plugs, engine bays, interior components, and your upholstery. The last thing you need is to wake up for work and see your car destroyed by a rodent infestation.

Mice in a car.

Mice-Free Winter Car Care Tips

Tip #1: Park Smart

First, think about where you park your ride. Mice love the cover of darkness. Whenever possible, try to park in a well-lit and open space. Parking in Chicago is already tricky, but an open area makes it less likely for mice to find their way into your vehicle unnoticed.

Tip #2: Seal the Entry Points

Mice can squeeze through surprisingly small openings. Inspect your car for gaps or holes, and seal them up tight. Pay extra attention to areas around wiring harnesses and vents – these are prime rodent entry points.

Tip #3: Mothballs

Toss a few mothballs under your hood (but not directly on any surfaces to avoid damage). The pungent smell might not be pleasant for you, but mice hate it. The pungent odor is a natural deterrent for rodents. Remember to remove them before hitting the road unless you want your car smelling like grandma’s closet on the go.

Tip #4: Essential Oils

Another good idea is to soak cotton balls in essential oils. Peppermint, cinnamon, or clove oil are all choice options. Then, strategically place them around your car. Not only will your car smell fantastic, but it also becomes a no-go zone for those tiny invaders.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Regular Check-ups

Now, tying it all back to winter auto care – make it a habit to check under the hood regularly. A quick inspection can catch any mouse mischief before it becomes a full-blown infestation. If you suspect mice in your car, contact Bucaro Brothers! We provide thorough auto repair to keep your vehicle rodent-free and working properly for winter driving.

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