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Monthly Archives: October 2023

Emergency Preparation for Winter Driving Hazards

10.16.2023 1:20 pm | BBAManage

Your Emergency Kit for Winter Driving Winters in Illinois can transform roads into slippery ice rinks and snow-covered mazes. One minute, you’re humming to your favorite song, and the next, thank to snow and ice or black ice, you’re gripping the steering wheel hoping you won’t slide. So, how do we tackle this frosty challenge? With an emergency kit fit for Illinois winters! Hazards of Winter Driving in Illinois Slippery Roads: Illinois streets can get slick from ice, making it easy for cars to slide. Imagine trying to walk on an ice-covered sidewalk in sneakers. That’s your car without winter tires! Reduced Visibility: Snowstorms can come out of nowhere, turning everything into a white blur. It’s like trying to see through a milkshake! Cold Breakdowns: Cars, like us, aren’t big fans of the cold. Engines can have a tough time starting, and batteries can give up. Your Car Preparedness Survival Kit Now, let’s pack that emergency kit with the emergency supplies needed to face these challenges! Blankets & Warm Clothing: If you’re stuck or waiting for help, you’ll need to stay warm. Think of the blankets as your warm hug against the cold while you are stuck on the side… Read more

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