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Monthly Archives: May 2023

Why is My Car Making Strange Noises?

05.17.2023 10:02 am | Okan Sengullu

A Guide to What Those Strange Noises May Mean You may never have thought of it, but your car can give you feedback in the form of strange car noises indicating there may be a problem that needs attention. But what are those noises and what do they mean? Read on, and your friends from Bucaro Brothers Auto Care in Lincoln Park will try to explain a few of the more common ones and what they might mean. 1) A hum that increases as you accelerate In this case, we’re not talking about the normal hum of your engine as you drive down the road, but a different kind of hum that may sound like a plane taking off and tends to get louder as you accelerate or make a turn. What it means: That hum could well mean a worn wheel bearing. It’s easy to confuse this noise with engine noise, and one way to check is to speed up a bit and then take your foot off the accelerator. If the humming noise continues, it’s probably not coming from your engine but from one or more of your wheel bearings. 2) A droning noise Like the humming noise… Read more

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The Penny Tire Tread Depth Guage

05.17.2023 9:58 am | Okan Sengullu

The Coin Test for Tires Having a good set of tires with treads that can grip the road is an essential safety feature for your vehicle, and there’s a quick, easy, and cheap way to test your tread depth. It won’t cost you a penny, but the lowly penny is an essential part of the test. The Penny Tread Test – What is It? As we said, the penny tread test is a quick and easy way to check your tire treads. And because it’s so easy, it’s a good idea to perform this test every month or so, especially if you do a lot of driving. Here’s all that you do. For checking treads, take a penny, hold it between your thumb and forefinger, then point Lincoln’s head into the tread at several places on each of your tires. As you move from point to point and tire to tire, if you see the top of Lincoln’s head, that means your tread is badly worn and no longer safe for driving. In that case, you need to head to your favorite garage and replace your tires. And that’s it, the tire test with a coin! And Don’t Forget to… Read more

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Should I Get My Oil Changed at the Dealership?

05.17.2023 9:53 am | Okan Sengullu

What Can Happen if You Don’t Get an Oil Change? Routine oil changes are an essential part of vehicle maintenance, whether you drive an expensive sports car, or a safe and economical minivan. Without regular oil changes, you risk component failure, damage to your engine system, sludge build-up, poor fuel economy, and even a failed emissions test, among other things. Oil is the lubricant that cools the moving parts of your engine and keeps various components from wearing down due to excess friction. It’s no wonder scheduling regular oil changes is so important to vehicle performance. The benefits of oil changes range from better fuel efficiency and part protection, to extended engine lifespan. You can’t go wrong by ensuring your vehicle receives fresh oil and a new oil filter every 3,000 miles, or more or less depending on your vehicle’s specifications. Does it Matter Where You Get Your Oil Changed? One question many drivers ask is, Where should I get my oil changed? Some people may say you have to go to the dealership in order to protect your warranty and receive quality motor oil. This misconception is understandable, because car and truck owners want to take care of their… Read more

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