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Monthly Archives: September 2019

When Should Your Engine Belt Be Inspected?

09.18.2019 4:37 pm | Okan Sengullu

When you are looking for an auto repair shop serving Lincoln Park, look no further than Bucaro Brothers. We are ready to help maintain your vehicle no matter how big or small your service may be. If someone has told you it’s time to get your belts inspected, and you are unsure what that means, continue reading! Belts There are a few different belts to be aware of, specifically the engine drive belts, which are a crucial part of the functionality of your vehicle. The engine drive belt serves as the part that helps run a number of different engine accessories. Some vehicles have one belt that runs all accessories, where others have multiple belts. The belt is located on the front of your engine and rotates all accessories while your engine is running. Inspection Your belts are made out of a rubber material and have metal or nylon fibers molded into it for strengthening purposes, but over time, wear and tear become inevitable. When you are inspecting your belt, look for signs of wear, such as cracking, splitting, or the feeling of brittleness, to know if it should be replaced. Rely On Us All your belts must be inspected… Read more

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