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What You Need to Know About Auto Collision Repair01.16.2024 | BBAManage

Driving is unpredictable: accidents can happen anytime, even to the most cautious drivers. If you’ve been in a collision, you must fix your car ASAP. Fortunately, some auto body shops offer auto collision repair to get your car back to normal. Read these tips to know what auto collision repair is and what you need to know when you get it.

What is Auto Collision Repair?

Auto collision repair is a specialized service restoring vehicles to their pre-accident condition. This process involves a meticulous assessment and strategic repairs to address visible and underlying damages, from minor dings to major crashes.

The Auto Collision Repair Process

  1. Assessment: Trained technicians evaluate the extent of the damage, creating a roadmap for the vehicle repairs. This repair work includes identifying both cosmetic and structural issues.
  2. Frame Straightening: Ensuring structural integrity, technicians straighten and align the frame to guarantee safety. They may also perform wheel alignments.
  3. Body Panel Repair/Replacement: The technicians then repair or replace damaged panels so everything aligns perfectly.
  4. Paint Application: Commonly, auto technicians apply a fresh coat of paint to restore the vehicle’s aesthetics.
  5. Systematic Checks: Technicians further check electronics, safety features, and overall functionality to ensure your vehicle operates at its best.

A mechanic fixing a car that was in a collision.

What to Know About Auto Collision Repair

Auto collision repair is like a makeover for your car after an accident. If you’re alright following an accident but your car isn’t, you can bring it to a repair center. Skilled auto body technicians identify and address any mechanical repairs using specialized tools to ensure your car looks and works as well as new.

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