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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Are Your Wheels Aligned?

06.14.2019 4:11 pm | Okan Sengullu

If you are behind the wheel and you’re drifting in one direction or another, the steering wheel may be misaligned. This can happen from hitting a deep pothole or running a curb while parallel parking, and it will need to be fixed immediately to ensure safer driving. Stop by our auto repair shop in Lakeview to see if your wheels are aligned, and if not, we can help fix them.   What Are Some Indications of Wheel Misalignment? Sometimes, wheel misalignment isn’t obvious, so you have to look out for noticeable signs that could indicate an issue. Some common signs that you should be aware of are: If your vehicle is pulling to the left or the right. (Road conditions like asphalt groves or potholes that are farther apart than your car’s axles can lead your car to be pulled to one side or another.) If you have uneven or rapid tire wear or squealing tires. If your steering wheel is crooked when you are actually driving straight.   Tire Pressure Having low tire pressure can cause a vehicle’s steering to pull to one side, but true misalignment can happen if there are any signs of tire wear. For example,… Read more

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