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Safety Tips For Teen Drivers08.28.2019 | Okan Sengullu

A new academic year is right around the corner and teens are going to begin driving themselves to and from their schools. It’s important that parents are looking out for the safety of their young adults while they are behind the wheel. If you think your car needs repairs before you hand it off, bring it to our body shop in Lakeview and we will be happy to inspect it. If your car is set, make sure you help your teenager follow these tips before they start driving.


Pick A Safe Car

Make sure if you are investing in a new car that it’s easy to drive and will offer optimal protection in the event of a crash. Avoid small cars and make sure you read about a car’s test crash ratings.


Complete Driver’s Education

If you want your teenager to be able to drive themselves to and from places, make sure they have completed a driver’s education course. The more driving practice time the better, and it will help your teen become more confident behind the wheel.


Discuss Potential Dangers

Advise teens to never drink or do drugs, especially when they are driving or if they are getting in a car with someone who has. Let them know you’re available to pick them up if they find themselves in this type of situation so they know they’ll have a safe way to get home.


If you think your car needs to be seen at a body shop in Lakeview, stop by Bucaro Brothers today and we will help figure out what type of maintenance is needed. We hope everyone has a great start to the school year!

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