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Winter Car Care01.27.2020 | Okan Sengullu

For a reliable mechanic in Chicago, you need to come to Bucaro Brothers Auto Care, conveniently located in Lincoln Park.
We all know Chicagoland winters can play havoc with your car, and here five suggestions for winter car care to keep your car running efficiently when the temperature plunges.

1) Install winter tires

Yes, it’s an expense but one that’s well worth it in areas like ours where temperatures regularly hover around the freezing mark, or below. Winter tires are made to give better traction when turning or stopping on wet or icy surfaces.

2) Check your tire pressure weekly

In cold weather your tires lose pressure, and driving on under-inflated tires causes them to wear prematurely, and you also lose traction on slippery winter-time surfaces.

3) Have the proper mix of coolant for your engine

In warmer months you want a 50/50 mix of antifreeze (coolant) to water, but in winter you need a 60/40 mix.

4) Take care of your battery

Cold temperatures put a strain on your battery, so clean off any corrosion on the battery terminals. Have your favorite mechanic in Chicago at Bucaro Brothers load-test it and replace if it’s too weak for a cold start.

5) Don’t forget the wipers

You should replace windshield wipers every six months, and make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid.

Hopefully, these tips will be a great wintertime help, and for the best mechanics in Chicago, always come to Bucaro Brothers Auto Care.

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