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9 Tips to Winterize Your Auto – Car Repair in Lincoln Park11.10.2021 | Okan Sengullu

To state the obvious, winter is on the way, and it can play havoc with your vehicle. Plunging temperatures, road-salt residue, dirt, mud, and ice can all cause problems. With a little preventive care, however, winter vehicle troubles can be minimized, and you can save a lot of your hard-earned money. The relatively small amounts you spend on preventive care can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands in costly repair bills.

With all that in mind, here are 9 winter tips that hopefully will keep your car operating smoothly during the coming months.

1. Check Your Battery

Winter weather puts a heavy strain on your vehicle’s battery, and to help reduce that strain make sure all the terminals are secure and there’s no corrosion on them. Also, remember that car batteries last an average of 3–4 years, and if you have an older battery, you might want to replace it before winter arrives.

2. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Whatever tires you’re driving on, it’s important to maintain proper tire pressure. Your tires tend to deflate when the temperature drops below 32° and lower pressure decreases your gas mileage and can cause the tires to wear out faster. Check your tires every two weeks and maintain the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Check the pressure before you drive for the most accurate reading, not after driving.

Winter Tires

3. Consider Winter Tires

Having the right tires is critical when driving on slick, icy surfaces. It’s really essential to have a set of tires that grip the surface and prevent skidding. Tires specifically designed for winter driving help keep you safe by providing better traction and control and shorter stopping distances.

4. Replace Your Wiper Blades

Good visibility is always vital, but especially in winter when icy conditions can make stopping more difficult. Once snow begins to fall and ice accumulates on your windshield, blades can decline very fast, so it’s best to start winter with a fresh set. If you have to park your vehicle outside, lift the wipers off the windshield before an overnight snow to keep them from sticking to the glass.

Antifreeze and Cooling System

5. Check the Antifreeze and Cooling System

You should have your radiator drained and refilled with new coolant at least once a year, and it’s a good idea to have this done before the temperature starts dropping.

6. Use the Right Engine Oil

Engine oil thickens when it’s cold, making your motor work harder. Check the owner’s manual to see if your car’s manufacturer recommends specific grades of oil for different seasons of the year.

7. Protect All the Exterior

Before the first snow falls, give your car a fresh coat of wax, and wash it frequently during the winter. Also, have the wheel wells and underbody washed regularly to prevent the buildup of highway salt.

8. Replace Brake and Windshield Fluids

Brake fluid tends to get dirty during winter, so you should get fresh fluid before winter arrives, and be sure to purchase winter washer fluid that won’t freeze and clog your lines.

9. Always Have the Gas Tank More Than Half Full

Moisture can build up when your gas tank has a lot of empty space, and freezing moisture can lead to serious and expensive damage to your car. To avoid expensive repair bills, keep your gas tank as full as possible during winter.

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