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What is Emissions Testing? Bucaro Brothers Auto Care Weighs In10.26.2011 | Okan Sengullu

Testing for emissions is an essential facet of automotive maintenance, and there are several reasons why. Here is some background information on emissions testing, and a few reasons why it is essential.

What Is Emissions Testing?

Emissions testing was first performed by the state of California in 1966 and was known colloquially as a “smog check.” A modern emissions test cycle is a little more complicated than it was back then, but the premise and aims of the test are the same: to measure the amount of pollutants that exit a car. This is a little bit more complicated than it sounds, but it basically consists of running an engine through a low, medium, and high stress cycle and recording what exits the exhaust port. The tests measure hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and other gases harmful to the environment.

Why is it Important?

Emissions testing is important to maintain the integrity of our environment. Toxic fumes pollute the atmosphere, degrade the environment, and affect the respiratory health of people in densely populated areas. This is why driving a car that has not been properly emissions-tested and certified is against the law—and punishable by a hefty fine. Don’t take a chance driving without your emissions update; stop into a repair or service shop today and take advantage of an emissions test.

What Else Should I Know?

If you fail an emissions test, then you probably need a new catalytic converter. These are relatively simple repairs, and can be done in an afternoon. Having an emissions test and performing all of the necessary repairs as soon as possible is the most affordable way to stay on the road.

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