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4 Signs Your Car Needs New Tires

12.17.2019 6:46 pm

If you’re looking for a body shop in Lakeview, it could be because bad tires have caused you to have an accident. Having a good set of tires beneath you is absolutely essential for safe driving. To help you drive safely no matter where the road takes you, here are four signs that telling you it’s time to get new tires. Worn treads Your tire tread depth should never fall below 1/16 of an inch. To check, take a penny and insert Lincoln’s head down into the tread. If Abe’s entire head is visible, you need new tires. Sidewall cracks Beyond the treads, look for cuts or cracks in the sidewalls of your tires. These can indicate a slow leak, or worse, a tire that’s about to blow out. Bulges and blisters When the outer surface of a tire starts to weaken, bulges or blisters can appear, and these weak spots can cause a tire to blow out suddenly. If you see bulges or blisters get the tire(s) replaced immediately. Vibration The cause of vehicle vibration could be bad tire alignment or balance, but it can also mean there’s a problem with the interior of the tire. At Bucaro Brothers,… Read more

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Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

08.28.2019 8:16 pm

A new academic year is right around the corner and teens are going to begin driving themselves to and from their schools. It’s important that parents are looking out for the safety of their young adults while they are behind the wheel. If you think your car needs repairs before you hand it off, bring it to our body shop in Lakeview and we will be happy to inspect it. If your car is set, make sure you help your teenager follow these tips before they start driving.   Pick A Safe Car Make sure if you are investing in a new car that it’s easy to drive and will offer optimal protection in the event of a crash. Avoid small cars and make sure you read about a car’s test crash ratings.   Complete Driver’s Education If you want your teenager to be able to drive themselves to and from places, make sure they have completed a driver’s education course. The more driving practice time the better, and it will help your teen become more confident behind the wheel.   Discuss Potential Dangers Advise teens to never drink or do drugs, especially when they are driving or if they… Read more

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Gear Up For Your Road Trip

07.15.2019 12:29 pm

Summertime leads to the sun shining and people vacationing and we know there’s almost nothing better than a road trip. Conversely, if your car breaks down or has a failure during your summertime road trip, waiting for a car towing service can be tiresome and frustrating. Make sure your road trip is trouble-free this summer by consulting the mechanic in Lakeview to take care of some simple maintenance before you leave. Here are some road-tripping tips from our mechanic in Lakeview. Maintenance tips and checks:

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Are Your Wheels Aligned?

06.14.2019 4:11 pm

If you are behind the wheel and you’re drifting in one direction or another, the steering wheel may be misaligned. This can happen from hitting a deep pothole or running a curb while parallel parking, and it will need to be fixed immediately to ensure safer driving. Stop by our auto repair shop in Lakeview to see if your wheels are aligned, and if not, we can help fix them.   What Are Some Indications of Wheel Misalignment? Sometimes, wheel misalignment isn’t obvious, so you have to look out for noticeable signs that could indicate an issue. Some common signs that you should be aware of are: If your vehicle is pulling to the left or the right. (Road conditions like asphalt groves or potholes that are farther apart than your car’s axles can lead your car to be pulled to one side or another.) If you have uneven or rapid tire wear or squealing tires. If your steering wheel is crooked when you are actually driving straight.   Tire Pressure Having low tire pressure can cause a vehicle’s steering to pull to one side, but true misalignment can happen if there are any signs of tire wear. For example,… Read more

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Steps to Follow After a Car Crash

05.09.2019 5:07 pm

If you get into a car crash (minor or major), it can be scary and nerve-wracking. After taking a few deep breaths, there are steps you should take to make sure everything is handled correctly. Check out Allstate’s tips and form to help you through the car crash.   Check for injuries on you or any passengers If you or someone else in the car crash was injured, call 911 immediately. If you think you’re seriously injured, do not move. If you can move around, check on the other passengers in the car.   Find safety When you can, move to the side of the road or a sidewalk. If you can drive your car safely, pull it over to the side of the road as to not cause a driving hazard. If you cannot, leave it be.   Call 911 and wait for help If your car accident is a fender-bender or a major collision, call the police. It is important to contact them as in some states, it is legally required. The officer will fill out an accident report, document the scene, and you’ll be able to file a claim with your insurer. While you wait for help,… Read more

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