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Bucaro Brothers Presents: Five Facts about Car Emissions10.26.2011 | Okan Sengullu

Although the auto industry is constantly reducing the amount of toxic material released in auto emissions, there is still much more to be done. These five facts about emissions make the importance of further reducing emissions more clear.

Global Warming

The burning of fossil-fuels contributes to global warming, but how much it impacts the actually climate history of a planet is up for debate. The scientific community agrees that fewer emissions would undoubtedly be a good thing, yet the benefit is difficult to measure empirically and accurately. The fact at the heart of the matter is that emissions lead to a warmer planet.

Public Health

Asthmatics and sufferers of chronic respiratory infections are at a risk of increased inflammation and irritation due to the particulate matter in smog and emissions. Cutting down on the amount of particulates in the air makes major cities more tolerable for those with pulmonary issues. The drastic improvements made starting in the 1970s have made life more livable for all city-dwellers.

The Ozone Layer

Car emissions and other industrial fumes are also detrimental to the ozone layer. The ozone layer is important for protecting humans from the damaging rays of the sun by absorbing and reflecting ultraviolet light. By banding together, countries around the world reduced their output of ozone-damaging fumes, and the hole in the ozone layer is now largely repaired.

The Environment

Not only are emissions bad for humans, but they are also bad for animals. The pollutants that enter the air can affect the health of birds and other animals breathing the same air. If you have a soft spot for animals in your heart, then a hybrid vehicle with zero emissions might be something you want to look into.

The Law

Because of the damage they can cause, emissions are strictly regulated in America and abroad. Driving a car that doesn’t have valid emissions tags can land you a hefty fine, so always make sure your car is up to par.

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