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Visit These Resources to Learn More about Buying New Tires and Getting Your Car Running Its Best06.25.2012 | Okan Sengullu

For more information on choosing the right tires for your vehicle and keeping your car in prime condition during the summer, visit the following links. For high-quality auto repair and services in the Chicago area, give Bucaro Brothers Auto Care a call at (773) 570-4541.

  • When you’re looking to replace your tires, knowing how to read your tire is important. This article from Edmunds.com offers tips for checking your tires.
  • Low-rolling-resistance tires are becoming more popular because they improve fuel economy. Learn more about them on this page from Consumer Reports.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy provides this great article about what key components of a vehicle contribute to higher fuel economy.
  • Knowing the top five reasons the “check engine” light is on will help provide insight to your car’s maintenance issues.
  • Learn why it’s so important to go to shops that have ASE-certified technicians by visiting this page from Autos.AOL.com.

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