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How Road Salt Hurts Your Car in the Wintertime01.18.2013 | Okan Sengullu

After a snowfall in Chicago, it doesn’t take long for the salt trucks to come out. The salt and sand mixture they spread on roads and freeways melts ice and keeps roads safe, but it wreaks havoc on your vehicle’s metalwork. Learn more about the effects of salt on your car and what you can do to prevent major damage.

Why Is Salt Harmful to Your Car?

The mechanics of road salt are fairly simple. Salt water has a lower freezing temperature than fresh water, so when salt is added to snowy roads, it melts the snow and prevents ice patches from forming and bonding to the road. While salt’s properties are good for roads, they’re terrible for your automobile. The mixture of sodium, calcium, and potassium that comprises road salt is highly corrosive. That white salty residue on your car is slowly eating away at its body.

What Happens to the Body of Your Car?

If you care about the condition and resale value of your car, the last thing you want is rust. Corrosive road salt is one of the most common causes of rust formation on the outside of a vehicle. To avoid the harmful effects of salt, be sure to wash your car frequently throughout the winter. Road salt needs time to have a corrosive effect, so frequent washes should keep rust at bay.

What Happens to the Undercarriage of Your Car?

The corrosive effects of road salt can cause even greater damage to the undercarriage of your car. Because metal components beneath your car are not painted, they are especially vulnerable to corrosion. When you go to a car wash, make sure there will be a thorough rinsing of your vehicle’s undercarriage. Without proper care, framework, exhaust components, and other metal pieces can rust through.

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