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Bucaro Brothers Auto Care | 773-570-4541 | Clean, efficient, and understanding!07.26.2011 | Okan Sengullu

Let me start by saying: I KNOW NOTHING about cars! My break light and anti-lock light had been on since an accident in May. Everywhere I took my car said the same thing, "Nothing is wrong with it. It must be a faulty light." So I thought nothing of it.  Then suddenly, my car started to rattle loudly. I was concerned. I saw Bucaro Brothers on Yelp and I read all of the raving reviews about them. So, I gave them a visit. They were super friendly and listened to everything I had to say.  They looked at my car first thing in the morning like they promised and called me quickly.  I went it to pick up my car and the gentleman behind the counter gave me a summary of the work done. Turns out it was a burned fuse – he said, he can’t believe no one would fix a simple thing like that for me. He also tightened a loose hanger under my car that was rattling.  I asked how much I owed, and he said, "Don’t worry about it. It was so simple." What other mechanics wouldn’t even touch, they did for free!  I worried for months over the damage and cost of repairing it – and Bucaro Brothers fixed it in one day for no charge! This place is awesome – clean, efficient, and understanding!  I would recommend them to anyone!!

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Reviewed by Deirdra H.

Bucaro Brothers Auto Care is an auto repair shop in Chicago. For more information about Bucaro Brothers Auto Care, call us at 773-570-4541 to speak with a representative. 

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