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3 Signs You Should Have Your Muffler Replaced at Bucaro Brothers Auto Care08.8.2011 | Okan Sengullu

If you’ve ever heard a car without a muffler, you know how well mufflers reduce sound. In fact, even tiny holes in a car muffler can create a significant difference in how much noise your car makes.

How Mufflers Work

Car mufflers cancel noise waves that are created when your car travels at high speeds. They allow both car exhaust and car noise to pass through, but car mufflers will close certain chambers to block noise while keeping other chambers open to allow exhaust to escape. Some car mufflers have materials like glass wool lining their walls, which can absorb further noise.

When Mufflers Should Be Replaced

It’s fairly easy to tell when your car muffler should be replaced. Make sure to visit your local auto repair shop if you’re having problems with your muffler. Here are 3 signs that your muffler needs to be replaced:

  • Your muffler is making a booming noise, rattling noise, or hissing noise, or the exhaust noise is a lot louder than usual.
  • The outside of your muffler is blackened with soot.
  • The internal separator in your muffler rattles when tapped lightly.

If your muffler is clogged, not only will you notice more noise, you’ll also lose a lot of engine power. Broken mufflers can also cause exhaust to enter into your passenger compartment, so you should make sure to replace your muffler or at least have it checked by an auto service professional if you suspect you’re having problems.

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