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Do you know how to keep your car battery running this summer, how mufflers work, and when they need to be replaced? If you’re looking for tips on keeping your car in great shape this summer, check out these links.

  • PlanetGreen.com has a quick and easy guide for taking care of your car battery. Remember to keep your battery insulated, or at least park in an insulated garage, to protect it from heat and cold.
  • Some car batteries require regular maintenance, which means that you need to add distilled water to the car battery. This eHow article can show you how. If you’re not sure whether your car battery needs distilled water, talk to your mechanic first.
  • Car mufflers reduce car noise and direct exhaust out through the proper chambers. To learn how mufflers work, check out this link from CarJunky.com.
  • NASCAR.com has some easy signs to look out for that can tell you when it’s time to replace your car muffler.

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