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Own a Manual Car? Don’t Forget About the Clutch!09.1.2011 | Okan Sengullu

The clutch is a vital component of a vehicle with a manual transmission, and is therefore an important part of the car’s maintenance schedule. The clutch is what allows you to manually control your transmission to engage the gears. Proper care will ensure a long-lasting clutch and transmission, but there are many problems that can occur due to misuse.

What is a Clutch?

The clutch, most simply, is what allows the smooth operation of two spinning parts that must cooperate without always spinning together. It is a system that both separates and joins your car’s engine and the drive shaft. A manual car’s clutch allows you to control the transmission, and rotation of the drive shaft, through the right application of pressure and friction.

What are Some Clutch Problems?

There are many things that can go wrong with a clutch, primarily relating to the inability to properly control whether it engages or disengages. When the clutch slips a lot, such as when an inexperienced driver shifts gears incorrectly, the friction material wears down, eventually leaving the clutch useless. Other problems can be caused by mismatched or overstressed parts.

How Can I Avoid Clutch Problems?

Careful driving is the best way to avoid clutch issues. Only press the clutch pedal when appropriate, and do not rev the engine excessively before engaging the clutch. Careful and smooth shifting will reduce slippage while driving, resulting in less wear and a longer lasting clutch. It is also important to have your clutch inspected, just as you would with any other component, to ensure that you are not driving on a compromised clutch.

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