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Top Tips for Maximizing the Life of Your High-Mileage Vehicle01.23.2012 | Okan Sengullu

Time and irregular maintenance can spell the end for any high-mileage vehicle. Handle these issues before they progress into a debilitating breakdown. High-mileage car repair tips can help.

  • Prioritize Oil Changes: Fresh oil is the key to keeping engines running smoothly. Avoid unnecessary wear by sticking close to the three-month or 3000-mile oil change schedule. Any additional wear can take time off of your vehicle’s total service life. As a result, regular oil changes become doubly important for a high-mileage vehicle. The quality of your engine’s oil is another factor. Cars that reach over 75,000 miles become good candidates for a high-mileage oil formula. Products like Valvoline’s MaxLife or Mobil’s 1 High Mileage aid your engine with extra ingredients that battle component wear.
  • Drive Intentionally: New cars can stand to be driven hard. However, pedal-to-the-metal operation may be detrimental for a high-mileage vehicle. Drivers should treat their older cars with the same attention ageing athletes give to their knees. One serious blowout could mark an abrupt end to a long career. Drive your car cautiously to avoid last minute accelerations or brake-grinding stops. High-mileage owners should also avoid letting their engines run idly for extended periods of time.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Relatively minor issues can quickly evolve into serious problems in high-mileage vehicles. Take your car in for maintenance early and often to keep its performance levels at maximum. This may require car owners to budget an additional amount for small repairs. A small investment in extra maintenance pales in comparison to the cost of bringing an aged car back from the dead. Work with service experts like Chicago’s Bucaro Brothers to develop a new maintenance schedule that addresses your vehicle’s unique high-mileage needs.

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