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Automotive Fluids: The Consequences of Neglecting Routine Changes07.15.2012 | Okan Sengullu

Fluids are some of the most vital components in your engine. Without them, your car would simply not run. It’s important to realize the roles that motor oil, coolant, transmission, and brake fluids play in maintaining your engine and to have them topped off, changed, or flushed as part of your auto service routine. Here is a look at the consequences of neglecting routine fluid changes:

Under-Lubricated Engine

If your engine is the heart of your car, your motor oil is your car’s lifeblood—it keeps many of the vital moving parts of your car lubricated. You risk ruining your engine by driving around with old, dirty, or insufficient motor oil.

Overheated Vehicle

Your coolant levels need to be checked and filled as needed to prevent your engine from overheating. While glycol in the coolant prevents your car’s fluids from reaching the boiling point in hot weather, coolant also prevents your car’s fluids from turning into ice when it’s cold. Antifreeze includes additives that prevent rust and corrosion in the radiator, heater, and engine.

Brake Trouble

Brake fluid with too much moisture in it is more likely to boil over when you brake suddenly. This greatly diminishes your brakes’ ability to stop the car. Most vehicles need a brake fluid change once a year or every other year; check your owner’s manual or ask a trusted mechanic to find out the right time for your vehicle.

Keeping the fluids topped off isn’t always enough. Some fluids have to be flushed every 60,000 miles, like transmission and differential fluid. Maintaining, changing, and flushing your car’s fluids will prevent more serious problems from developing down the road.

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