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Learn More about Vital Car Maintenance Procedures by Exploring the Sites Below07.22.2012

Learn about brake fluid, car alignment, tire pressure, and motor oil by exploring these links. Let Bucaro Brothers Auto Care handle all of your car’s needs. We’re a full service auto repair shop with more than three decades of experience in Chicago. Give us a call today at (773) 570-4541 for more information.

  • Your brake fluid needs to be changed on a regular basis to avoid dangerous moisture build-up. Learn about the importance of changing your brake fluid by visiting this link.
  • Do you know how often to have your car aligned? Get your questions answered by checking out this link to HowStuffWorks.com.
  • Properly inflated tires make driving safer and help you get the best gas mileage possible. Learn how to check tire pressure from DMV.org.
  • When was the last time you had an oil change? Find out about the importance of motor oil changes from TheCarConnection.com.  
  • Learn about maintaining your car’s fluid levels from Edmunds.com.

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