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Getting to Know Your Automotive Fluids09.28.2012 | Okan Sengullu

Your vehicle needs several special fluids in order to run its best. In fact, your vehicle risks severe repair problems if one of these important fluids runs out. To help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape (and to help you avoid unnecessary and expensive automotive repairs), here is a look at some of the most important fluids inside your vehicle and when you will need to have them replaced.

  • Engine Oil: Engine oil serves to both lubricate and cool your entire engine. Insufficient amounts of this important liquid will cause engine parts to grind against one another, reducing efficiency and potentially causing permanent engine damage. Proper lubrication can prevent this problem, so make sure to have your engine oil changed every 3,000 or 5,000 miles.
  • Coolant: Your engine coolant is critical for cooling your engine. In fact, an overheated engine is virtually guaranteed without a sufficient amount of coolant. Keep a close eye under your vehicle’s engine to catch coolant leaks early, and be sure to change your coolant at least every 25,000 miles or every two years for best results.
  • Brake Fluid: This fluid is used by your vehicle to transmit power to the brakes. This means that a low reservoir of brake fluid can lead to unresponsive brakes. Keep a close eye on your brake fluid reservoir every time you perform maintenance on the vehicle. If the brake fluid level falls below the two-thirds mark inside the reservoir, take your vehicle to an auto repair facility as soon as possible to have additional fluid added.  
  • Wiper Solution: Wiper fluid is often taken for granted by motorists. However, wiper fluid becomes extremely important when dirt and bugs obstruct your vision. Simply test your windshield wipers once a month to keep an eye on your wiper fluid, and add fluid as needed.

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