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Signs of a Clutch That’s On Its Last Leg03.28.2013 | Okan Sengullu

The clutch is one of the most commonly replaced and repaired components of a manual transmission vehicle. Fortunately, a worn clutch will usually show symptoms that it needs to be serviced before it completely fails. Read this article for some of the most common signs that your clutch needs to be replaced at a car repair shop soon.

Gear Slipping

If you change gears and notice that the engine RPMs are increasing even though the car isn’t moving, it’s because the clutch is slipping. This is a common symptom on a failing clutch and a clear sign that you need to get your clutch serviced or replaced by a mechanic.

Excessive Noise or Shaking

If done correctly, shifting gears in your vehicle should be smooth. But if you experience jerkiness or a grinding noise, your clutch could be on its way out. Oftentimes, a clutch disc contaminated by oil or coolant will cause shuddering, whereas a worn pressure plate or clutch disc can cause the noise.

Bad Smells

A burning smell can come from the clutch after a vehicle has been driven aggressively without having enough time to cool. In many cases, the vehicle will recover after it cools off. But if the smell persists or slippage starts to occur, the clutch should be inspected to ensure that none of the components have incurred burn damage.

Clutch Pedal Weakness

If your vehicle’s clutch pedal can be pushed all the way to the floor easily, there are a number of clutch issues that could be going on. The culprit is most likely a leak that damaged the clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder. It could even be a broken clutch release lever. In either case, a qualified mechanic will be able to diagnose the issue and replace or repair your clutch before it gets worse.

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