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The Importance of Preparing Your Vehicle for Summer Driving04.28.2021 | Okan Sengullu

Prepare for Summer with Car Engine Diagnostics in Lakeview

We all know that Chicagoland winters can play havoc with your car, but did you know that our summers can be equally challenging and potentially damaging to your vehicle? At Bucaro Brothers we’ve performed both car engine diagnostics and car air conditioning services in Lakeview on many cars that have fallen victim to summer’s searing heat.

Consequently, we know how important it is to prepare your car for the coming summer months. We hope these tips will help you avoid any difficulties so you can thoroughly enjoy the summer driving season.

Prepare for Summer with Car Engine Diagnostics in Lakeview

De-Winterize Your Vehicle

This process is important if you took steps to winterize your car. If you changed over to snow tires, you’ll want to replace them before summer arrives, as they will slow you down and decrease the efficiency of your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean the underside of your car to remove any deicing salts and mud that have accumulated, as these substances can continue to cause damage to your car by holding moisture against the metal.

While you’re at it, give your paint job a good bath as well to remove winter’s accumulated grime, and be sure to give the wheel wells a good washing, too.

Check the Battery

Battery problems don’t only happen in winter. In reality, summer heat can have a more damaging effect on your car’s battery than freezing temperatures. Heat and vibration are a battery’s worst enemies, and while you can’t do much about the heat, make sure the battery is securely mounted to reduce vibration.

Additionally, clean away any corrosion on the cables and clamps, and make sure the clamps are firmly attached to the battery terminals. Finally, if your battery is over three years old, have it tested by one of our technicians to determine how much longer it’s likely to last.

Keep Your Cool

Your cooling system protects your car or truck against overheating and should be flushed and refilled periodically. Between flushings, check the fluid level, and if necessary, top off the radiator with a 50/50 mix of coolant (antifreeze) and water. Remember, NEVER attempt to check your radiator levels while the engine is hot – you could be seriously injured.

Check the Fluids

In addition to engine coolant, other fluids that should be checked include:

  • Motor oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Power-steering fluid
  • Windshield wiper fluid

If you don’t feel comfortable checking these fluids, then come by Bucaro Brothers and let one of our car engine diagnostic technicians in Lakeview take care of it for you.

Keep the Tires Properly Inflated

Driving under-inflated or over-inflated tires is dangerous and can lead to blowouts. Check tire pressure at least once a month as tires usually lose one pound of pressure each month due to seepage. However, during the summer months, extreme heat causes a natural increase in tire pressure. .Always follow the inflation pressure recommendations for your specific make and model of tires.

Check Your AC

Providing car air conditioning service in Lakeview is one of our specialties at Bucaro Brothers, and before the full heat of summer arrives, let one of our certified technicians check your car’s AC system to make sure it’s in good running order.

Plan for Emergencies

Even with great preventive maintenance, summer breakdowns can still happen, and you need to be prepared. You should have a well-stocked emergency kit that includes water, non-perishable food, jumper cables, a flashlight and extra batteries, road flares or an emergency beacon, basic hand tools, and a first-aid kit.

Bucaro Brothers at your service

Many of these maintenance tasks we’ve suggested can be done by the average driver, while others are best left to a trained automotive technician like our experts at Bucaro Brothers. So, for the very best engine diagnostics and car air conditioning services in Lakeview, along with your other automotive service and repair needs, you can rely on the highly-skilled team at Bucaro Brothers.

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