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How Do I Know If My Transmission is Bad?11.15.2022 | Okan Sengullu

Let’s cut right to the chase: If the transmission in your vehicle goes out on you, you’re not going anywhere.

The best way to avoid being stranded with a dead transmission is to pay close attention to signs that you’re on the verge of having a serious problem.

Key Warnings Signs of a Bad Transmission

Here are 6 signs indicating your transmission is in bad shape and you’d better get to your favorite automotive service center as soon as possible to avoid being stranded with a vehicle that’s going nowhere.

1) Poor Response, failure to change gears

If your vehicle struggles to change gears, that’s usually a sign of transmission trouble. The source of the problem could be low transmission fluid or having the wrong fluid, but it could also be something more serious causing the problem, and it could be an electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical issue, or some combination of these.

In the worst case scenario, your vehicle may not go into gear at all, leaving you, for example, completely stranded at an intersection, with a long line of frustrated motorists behind you who’re having to swivel around your stalled vehicle.

2) A burning smell

Any time you detect a burning smell in your vehicle, you need to head to your favorite mechanic right away. The smell may indicate your transmission is overheating, or perhaps your transmission fluid has become burnt.

3) Strange noises

Our vehicles, like our houses, can sometimes make strange noises, and while driving if you begin hearing noises that are really out of the ordinary, you’d better take notice and get to your favorite repair shop. In the case of automatic transmissions, the strange noises coming from a bad transmission will be buzzing, humming, or whining sounds. From a manual transmission, the sounds will be harsher and more mechanical sounding, like a clunking noise, for example.

4) Leaking fluid

If you see red, sweet-smelling fluid under your vehicle, you need to have your mechanic check for leaks in your transmission.

5) Grinding gears

The sound of grinding gears could mean different things, depending on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission. If you’re driving with an automatic transmission, have your mechanic check the transmission’s synchronizers to make sure they’re properly calibrated. If you have a manual transmission, the grinding sound may mean the clutch is worn out and must be replaced.

6) Check engine light is on

The purpose of the check engine light is to detect problems with your vehicle early on before they become major problems. The light responds to sensors placed at strategic points throughout your vehicle, and an illuminated light might mean anything from an ill-fitting gas tank cap to a failing transmission.

You should not ignore the check engine light and continue driving. Instead, drive to your mechanic’s shop and have them run their diagnostic software to determine the exact source of your problem.

The Quality Car Transmission Repair Shop of Lakeview

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