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4 Common Brake Problems and Solutions07.14.2023 | Okan Sengullu

Some “Braking Advice” from Your Friends at Bucaro Brothers Auto Care

It’s obvious to all that your vehicle’s brakes are vital for your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of pedestrians and other drivers. Given their crucial importance, we wanted to share information on some of the more common brake problems and the steps you can take to correct them.

1) Sinking brake pedal

Your brake system is a closed system holding brake fluid. The function of the fluid is to transmit the pressure you put on the brake pedal into force on your brakes, slowing or stopping your vehicle. If the pedal sinks to the floor or near the floor when you apply the brakes, there’s probably a leak in the system allowing fluid to escape.

The solution for soft brakes is to take your vehicle to your mechanic and have them check the system, locate the leak, and repair or replace the leaking part.

2) ABS warning light is on

ABS stands for the automatic braking system that prevents your brakes from locking up in case of emergency braking. In that kind of situation, the ABS pulsates your brakes on and off, and that keeps your vehicle from going into a dangerous skid.

The ABS is a complex, computer-controlled system, and when the warning light comes on you need to get to your favorite mechanic as quickly as possible for the necessary repairs.

Your ABS warning could look like this:

Or it could look like this:

3) Brake pedal pulsation

If the brake pedal pulsates when you apply the brakes, that probably means there’s a problem with your brake rotors. Over time, the rotors can collect a lot of debris and possibly even warp. The solution is to have the rotors resurfaced or possibly replaced.

4) Squeaking brakes

Several things can cause squeaking brakes, but that brake noise may well indicate you need to replace your worn brake pads. Hopefully, the sound you’re hearing is coming from your metal wear indicator that’s designed to squeak to let you know your brake pads are wearing thin and need to be replaced before you have metal-to-metal contact in your brake system.

Expert Repair Services at Burcaro Brothers Auto Care

If you’re encountering any of these braking problems we hope you’ll bring your vehicle to our garage, conveniently located in Lincoln Park. All our technicians are ASE certified, and they’ll diagnose your problem and give honest advice on what they think is the best solution.

With Bucaro Brothers, there is never any pressure or up-selling. Honest advice and honest solutions to your automotive problems are all we will ever give you.

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