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Car Tire Rotation Tips: Car Tire Rotation: Examine Tread Wear

09.01.2011 2:09 pm

Your tires are perhaps your car’s most important feature. With the proper maintenance, your tires can provide you with improved handling, safety, and fuel efficiency. One of the most important features of a tire is its tread. This video demonstra…… Read more

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Own a Manual Car? Don’t Forget About the Clutch!

09.01.2011 2:05 pm

The clutch is a vital component of a vehicle with a manual transmission, and is therefore an important part of the car’s maintenance schedule. The clutch is what allows you to manually control your transmission to engage the gears. Proper care …… Read more

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2007 BMW 530xi Leaking Transmission Problem Gets a Bucaro Brother Fix – Lincoln Park, Chicago

08.31.2011 8:07 pm

The leaking transmission pan on this BMW was no challenge for Bucaro Brothers Auto Care!

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2001 VW Jetta Wiper Gear Fix – Lincoln Park, Chicago

08.31.2011 8:05 pm

The wiper gear on this Jetta was broken. This is a common problem on these cars and an easy fix for the folks at Bucaro Brothers Auto Care!

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2003 Mercedes C230 Replacement Rotor and Brake Pads – Lincoln Park, Chicago

08.22.2011 10:21 pm

All four rotors and brake pads in this Mercedes needed to be replaced. With geniune used Mercedes parts and labor included – we were able to complete this job for under $900! For any of your car needs in the Chicago area, visit Bucaro Brothers Auto Car…… Read more

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