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2005 Mercedes C230 Has a New Vacuum Hose After Check Engine Light Comes On – Lincoln Park, Chicago

08.22.2011 10:17 pm

When the Check Engine Light went on in this Mercedes C230, the owner brought it right to Bucaro Brothers. We found out there was an issue with the vacuum hose and were able to fix it right there!

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2003 Cadillac STS Gets a New Wheel Bearing – Lincoln Park, Chicago

08.22.2011 10:11 pm

We were able to get the wheel bearing of this Cadillac STS fixed and get our happy Bucaro Brothers Auto Care customer out the door an on their way!

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Bucaro Brothers Auto Care | 773-570-4541 | I appreciate their honesty!

08.12.2011 5:18 pm

Regular maintainance is key, as we know, so I brought my 3000 Toyota Camry (99,000 miles) is for its regular oil change. I was chatting with the serviceman as he wrote up my ticket, and asked him when I should get a ‘regular check-up’, like I did ever…… Read more

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2008 Ford Mustang Updates the Performance Exhaust System – Lincoln Park, Chicago

08.10.2011 4:49 pm

We fixed the performance exhaust system on this 2008 Ford Mustang.

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2010 Cadillac SRX Gets a New Engine – Lincoln Park, Chicago Car Repair

08.10.2011 4:39 pm

This Cadillac SRX had a used engine with over 9000 miles on it. The owner, who purchased the car for their child, wanted to be sure to have the right kind of oil – something that’s very important for this type of car.

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