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06.10.2011 12:10 pm

Our last few articles have addressed identifying potential auto problems and choosing the right auto shop. The links below cover these topics as well and are definitely worth checking out. ASE is a highly regarded auto mechanic certification. Check out their official website to learn more about the strict certification requirements. Finding the right auto repair shop might take some time and effort, but it can save your thousands in future repairs and damage. CarGuide123.com has some good advice on selecting an auto mechanic based upon their proven expertise and their reputation. Bleeding brakes are a serious issue that can affect any car. Check out this article to learn about the warning signs of this brake problem. Checking your brakes involves both listening for trouble and visually checking your brake pads. JDPower.com shows you how to check your brakes yourself on their website. For more information about Bucaro Brothers Auto Care, visit our website!

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Bucaro Brothers Auto Care Fix: 1993 Lincoln Town Car

06.03.2011 12:24 pm

This Town Car’s air bag suspension was converted into coil springs to make another happy Bucaro Brothers Auto Care customer!                                    

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Bucaro Brothers Auto Care Fix: 1998 BMW 528

06.02.2011 12:35 pm

This BMW’s auxiliary fan needed to be replaced. To do so, we took off the bumper, replaced the fan and then reassembled the car.                                                

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Bucaro Brothers Auto Care Fix: 1997 Jeep Cherokee

06.02.2011 12:28 pm

This Jeep had a worn out clutch that needed to be replaced.                                        

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Bucaro Brothers Explains: Common Sounds Your Car Might Make

06.01.2011 12:38 pm

Check out this video to learn more about 3 common sounds that you might hear coming from your car. A squealing sound is a common complaint which can signal that your car needs to have its brakes serviced. Mechanical sounds can signal a number of different problems. Feeling looseness in the steering wheel along with the mechanical clicks can indicate serious problems with one of your car’s joints. If you are hearing an odd noise coming from your car, bring it down to Bucaro Brothers Auto Care and we’ll start fixing it today!

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